Get to know us

Pharma Gentica is aiming to be a global leader in cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution. Our mission is to offer the best of approved existing and prospective cannabinoid products to all jurisdictions legally authorised to sell medical cannabis.

Pharmaceutical companies will trust Pharma Genetica to produce ultra-pure synthetic cannabinoid active ingredients that meet the strictest regulatory requirements of health authorities around the world. High capacity cGMP production facilities in Europe and Africa yield ultra-pure Cannabidiol (CBD) and Dronabinol (THC).

To be West Africa’s largest licensed producers of cannabis seed, medicinal extracts, and related products

To be the leading exporters of CBD and extract into regulated international markets

To set up a successful commercial cultivation base and establish brand recognition

To completely abide by all local municipalities

To efficiently grow and supply one of the best CBD medicines and its related products to the international markets

To build a well-merged corporate social responsibility program to aid the local communities around as well as the government

“The Pharma Genetica team have been prompt and excellence ever since my first conversation with them. Their transparent and forward-thinking approach is the main reason for their success.”

– Edward Adams, Investor

“A big thank you to the Pharma Genetica team for being very professional and taking care of everything from the beginning of my journey with them. They are always ready to answer all of my questions and are fully transparent with what they do. The trust that I’ve built with them is unparalleled and hard to find in any corporation. Hats off to the team for the time and effort and I see nothing but success in the months to come.”

– James Pearson, Investor