Our Facility

The Company is planning to meet with The Gambian Ministry of Health to develop, own and operate a medicinal cannabis facility in The Gambia with the objective to export the products derived from the facility to Canada, USA and Europe.

The company is aiming to acquire all of the relevant permissions in place and to secure permits and licenses from the Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs to export Medical Cannabis to the EU, USA and the former British Commonwealth.

Pharma Genetica will develop its relations within The Gambia over the next 10-20 years and will aim to be one of Africa’s largest licensed producers of cannabis seed, medicinal extracts, and related products. As well as Africa’s leading exporters of CBD and extract into regulated international markets.

Our Facility

The most common way of cultivating high quality flowers is an indoor operation. This is due to a fully controllable environment that allows for ideal conditions for the cultivation of the highest quality.

Traditional greenhouses are state of the art when it comes to professional growing and are still the most cost effective, they can arrive to the site largely prefabricated needing only to be assembled. We are going to use Quonset style greenhouses with fully automated light deprivation, environmental control, heating and cooling systems, lighting system, irrigation system and benching.

Nexus greenhouses for example, is one of the industry’s innovators having experience of being one of the market leaders for the last 50 years. We would customise greenhouses (based on the System 420 hybrid) for special projects like ours. These are already being used in different nternational projects and all over the USA.

Every plant needs 3 liters of water every 3 days and 60 days to grow to its final product. Water will be cleaned by us, taken from the river and a borehole, half of it given to the population and the other half to the plants. Energy wise we’re looking at an annual energy requirement of about 30.000 mWh, all delivered by our own solar power plant.