Chief Operating Officer

Ajay has built an optimal team to ensure Pharma Genetica will become a highly successful business and charity.

After graduating in London with a degree in accounting and finance, Ajay began working within the hedge fund and private equity sectors. He plays a key role in managing start-up companies and structuring projects. In dealing with the financial elements of the business, his central duty is to ensure that investors are handled with care and that funds are invested correctly. Ajay recognized the opportunity within the cannabis industry and decided to become part of the revolutionary wave in the field of homeopathic remedies. Furthermore, Ajay is driven by the charitable aspect of the company. The opportunity to succeed and to help those less fortunate constitutes his mission.

Head of Medical Research

Born as the son of two doctors with an affinity for alternative and plant-based medicine, Dr. Armin Zidek is pursuing a similar path to his parents. His goal has been to establish a pharmaceutical company, unlike others, which produces and sells plant-based medicine in an environmentally friendly manner, based on fair trade and fair production methods. He strives to offer medicines which truly help the patient, and the planet.

Dr. Armin Zidek has become who he is by staying close to nature. He has explored its mountains, seas, and people, and has travelled through vast regions of Asia, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. He dedicates his spare time to hiking and climbing in the mountains and surfing.

As such, he is a member of the EASD (European Association of Surfing Doctors) and the ÖGAHM (Austrian Society for Mountain Medicine).

Since his youth, Dr. Armin Zidek has had a keen interest in the African continent, and its nature and culture. Therefore, he completed his studies with a residency in the ER and the psychiatric unit of a township hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, followed by six months of traveling through half of Africa.

In 2019 he worked in the field of psychiatry, running a female psychiatric unit and a drug ambulance.

Languages: Fluent English, German, Spanish

Degree: Medical University of Graz, 2015

Thesis: Acupuncture in sports medicine


  • Hospital Universitario Donostia, Spain
  • Erste Rivier Hospital Cape Town, South Africa
  • Klinikum Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
  • LKH Graz, Austria
  • AMEOS Klinikum Bad Aussee, Austria
  • UKH Graz, Austria

Erasmus exchange programme: Universidad de Deusto Bilbao, Spain

Training in Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Alpine medicine

Social service: Paramedic for the Red Cross Graz, 2004

Head of Clinical Research

Dr. Dagmar Zidek was born in 1956 in Graz, Austria. Her father was Ing. Wilhelm Zidek, an IBM system-engineer and his wife Ludmilla was a housewife.

Her family maintained a long tradition of knowledge about herbs and plants, and as such her path into medicine and herbal lore was predetermined.

During her medical education, she also studied acupuncture, homeopathy, and further naturopathic fields. After years of traveling, especially through oriental countries and finishing three specialist diplomas, she opened her own private office and acquired licences for the production and wholesale of pharmaceutical products and drugs.

In 2009 she founded her first pharmaceutical company Herbor GmbH, which produces and sells approximately 400 registered essences, tinctures, elixirs and ointments as registered trademarks according to her proprietary methods, which she has developed and protected.

Dr. Dagmar Zidek has been studying the cannabis plant and its medical benefits for numerous years. She is now supporting her children to develop their own brands and establish their company AZ-Naturemed GmbH.

Head of Seed to Sale Nanotechnology

Anton Schmidbauer is a visionary dedicated to discovering and developing innovative technological solutions. He founded his first company during his studies at TU Graz, creating one of the first e-procurement systems for industrial needs. It was quickly adopted by SMEs and he successfully exited the company. Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, Anton started advising both start-ups and established companies. He concentrated on novel software systems, mostly in the area of payment systems. In 2005 Anton founded his own social media platform for collaboration services in Los Angeles, which was merged with a well-known competitor two years later.

In 2009 he went into Fintech and built a white-label e-wallet solution for financial service providers. Together with his partners, he furthermore established a banking licence and three e-money licences. After exiting the company, he worked as a consultant for Fidor Bank to build a payment infrastructure and B2B strategy for licence sheltering to third parties, e.g. Kraken and

This led Anton into the world of blockchain. He spent two years researching the possibilities of the underlying technology and built the first prototype for an identity-centric, multi-asset blockchain together with former colleagues from TU Graz, laying the foundations of iov42.

Our Team

Our team includes a skilled set of experts and professionals who have dedicated their time and effort towards building a strong industry and community. By conducting thorough research, their sole mission is to gain ground in the field of medical extracts and their related products. This will be achieved by educating and imparting knowledge in the Gambian community, and by developing products for export which are safe, effective and affordable.

Ajay Kirpal
Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Armin Zidek
Head of Medical Research
Dr. Dagmar Zidek
Head of Clinical Research
Anton Schmidbauer
Head of Seed to Sale Nanotechnology